All of our handicrafts are made by marginalised women who have graduated from the sewing program at Human and Hope Association in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They make these items at their homes, using machines purchases interest-free through Human and Hope Association’s microfinance program.


My name is Savdy. I was born into a poor family in Battambang Province. I was very fortunate to study at university, and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Rural Development in 2014. Ever since I was young, I wanted to work for an NGO because I like to help people.

I have been working as the Vocational Training Manager at Human and Hope Association since early 2017, and I am responsible for developing the sewing program and the sewing business. The working environment is great, and I feel so happy to help the wonderful women who make our handicrafts.


Hi! I’m Phalla. I studied in the first sewing term at Human and Hope Association in 2013. After the term was over, I was hired to be a sewing assistant, and was promoted to be a sewing teacher in 2015. I teach the students at Human and Hope Association and also make the product samples for Hope Handicrafts. I only studied until grade seven and thought my life would be hopeless. However, now I have a good skill and can help other women move out of poverty, too.


My name is Chomrong and I am from a province away from Siem Reap. I have three children, and I am so happy that they all study in the education program at Human and Hope Association.

When I graduated from the sewing program at Human and Hope Association in February 2015, I was so proud of myself. I set up a small business at my home, and my husband and I are now building a stable house as I earn money from this skill.

Human and Hope Association always believe in me, and now I am a sewing teacher so I can help other women to move out of poverty with the skill of sewing.


Hi! My name is Sangborb. I graduated from the sewing program at Human and Hope Association in November 2016. When I was young, I had to take care of my family’s cows, so I only studied in grade one at public school. I was working as a builder when I found out about our sewing program through a staff member who promoted the program in my village. I took out a microfinance loan after studying for three months, and I was so happy because on the first day I earnt $1.25 by fixing my neighbour’s clothes!

My village doesn’t have many tailors, so I get a lot of business. In addition to that, I make products for Human and Hope Association, so I am able to support my family. My husband and I are so happy about our future.


My name is Sampheas. When I was in grade nine, I failed my yearly exam, so I stopped studying. I stayed at home to look after my siblings. When I was 18, I began working in a golf club, collecting golf balls. I fell in love when I was 20 and got married, however my married life was awful. After we had two children, my husband left us. We didn’t have enough money to live. I worked as a housekeeper, then a construction builder.

One day, my Aunty told my parents and I about the sewing program at Human and Hope Association. My parents encouraged me, so I decided to study in the hope I could set up a sewing shop at my home. I am so happy I chose to learn sewing, as I now have a skill that is useful for my life. I love making the Hope Handicrafts and also fixing clothes for my community members. I am very proud that I can raise my children by myself.


Hi! My name is Heang. I am one of eight children who had to stop studying in grade 11 because my family couldn’t afford my education. I am a mother of two daughters and studied in the sewing program at Human and Hope Association as I wanted a better life for them.

I set up my own business at home and make the handicrafts you see on this website. Thanks to the support of Human and Hope Association, I have met a lot of good people, have gained new knowledge and skills and have improved my parenting and money management skills.


My name is Sreythom. I graduated from the sewing program at Human and Hope Association in 2017. I love sewing because I know that it will provide me with a good income to support my family. My dream is to one day be a famous tailor in my community.