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Say Goodbye to Smushed Crayons

Imagine this. Your son/daughter spends the afternoon colouring to their heart’s content. When they are finished, they carefully replace the crayons and pack them away. Not a crayon in sight.

A scene like this doesn’t need to be part of your imagination. Our colourful crayon carriers are just the thing you need to keep crayons were they should be; our of sight and not at risk of getting smushed. Our crayon carriers are handmade in Cambodia by sewing graduates from Human and Hope Association, a grassroots community centre in Siem Reap. Each of these crayon carriers takes two hours to make at the homes of these graduates, using machines purchased through Human and Hope Association’s microfinance program. Our crayon carriers come with 16 non-toxic crayons. As you can see in the video above, these carriers roll up easily and close with a coconut shell button so they can be easily transported. This makes our crayon carriers the perfect accessory to pop in your handbag and use when you are out and about and the kids are restless.

If you weren’t already convinced about how much more organised these carriers will make your lives, wait until we tell you the best part; each crayon carrier provides 10 hours of education to a Cambodian child living in poverty. Yep, you read correctly. The profits from the sale of our crayon carriers and other handicrafts go right back to Human and Hope Association so they can provide education to over 200 Cambodian children every day.

At only $11.99, our crayon carriers are the perfect gift for kids or those adults who like to colour. We also have a range of gift packs like this Minions pack which come with a crayon carrier and colouring book for just $12.99.

We have a limited stock of crayon carriers, so get in quick!