Cambodia, Human and Hope Association

1,000 Hours of Education to Cambodian Children

In the first half of 2018, your purchases provided over 1,000 hours of education to Cambodian children living in poverty in Siem Reap. One of those children was Clay.

Eight-year-old *Clay began studying in the preschool program at Human and Hope Association in 2015. Her father is a builder who would work far away from home to support Clay’s family. Her mother, a housewife, would often collect rattan to make baskets that she could sell for a few cents each. It was a challenge to keep her in the program; not only was Clay younger than the other students, she was also a lot smaller having been born prematurely.

Clay would cry every day when her mother brought her to school, and would often refuse to go to class. With persistence from her teacher and dedication from her mother who wasn’t afforded an education herself, Clay’s behaviour eventually started to change. She would respect the teacher in class, brush her teeth at school (even though she had never done so in her four years on earth) and made friends. Although her learning was slow, it eventually improved, and Clay graduated from preschool in 2017 and made the transition to public school.

Clay will graduate from grade one at public school in October. Her grades are good, and she still attends Human and Hope Association daily for Khmer language classes, English phonics and to read in the library. Her younger sister is now a preschool student herself.

“Clay has improved her behaviour and confidence a lot. She talks more to teachers and friends, comes to class regularly by herself and has improved her hygiene.” – San Thai, Director

Help us to continue supporting Clay and other Cambodian children by shopping in our online store. Every clutch we sell provides a massive 20 hours of education to a Cambodian child in need.