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Just Landed: Eco-Bags

It happens to us all the time. We are out and about, then realise we need to pop into the supermarket for a few things. We get to the checkout and realise we don’t have a bag with us. You then need to make a decision; buy a plastic bag for 15 cents, purchase a reusable grocery bag for a few dollars, or carry everything to your car with your t-shirt stretched out to act like a bag.

This doesn’t have to happen anymore. Our new eco-bags are the perfect eco-friendly accessory. Each bag is of ample size to carry a few groceries, your op-shop clothing finds or your fruit and veggies. The bags are made from colourful cotton fabrics, and each one folds into the outer pocket, meaning you can store it in your handbag instead of having a pile of bags in your car boot that you forget to remove every time you go shopping. Not only are they super durable and practical, they are also fashionable, and come in a range of colours.

These eco-bags have been handmade in Cambodian by women who have graduated from a 1o-month sewing program at Human and Hope Association. The eco-bags are made individually made at the homes of these women, using sewing machines purchased through interest-free microfinance loans. It takes, on average, one hour to make each bag, and the seamstresses watch over their children at the same time.

Every eco-bag provides 10 hours of education to a Cambodian child living in poverty. The benefits of spending just $9.99 are immense! Not only will you be contributing positively to the environment and creating a livelihood for Cambodian women, you are also helping children to break the cycle of poverty through education.

Pick up your eco-bag today while stocks last, and while you are at it, buy some for your friends!