Empower a Cambodian Family this Christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching, and we have the perfect gifts for the person who has everything or is passionate about alleviating social injustices in the world!

The gift of education ($10) – The Khmer language classes at Human and Hope Association began in 2014 when the staff noticed some children in their community were not enrolled in public school even though they were of age. These students were aged between seven and thirteen, and studied Khmer for one hour a day in addition to English. Their development was remarkable, with their behaviour improving dramatically and their knowledge skyrocketing. These students learnt the Khmer alphabet, which consists of 33 consonants, 23 dependent vowels, and 13 independent vowels. They made the transition to public school successfully, and have been moving up in their classes.

Following on this success, Human and Hope Association opened the Khmer language program to their students who were already enrolled in public school.  They chose these students to join our class because despite studying in grades 2, 3 and 4 at public school, they were illiterate. Public schools in Cambodia tend to have up to sixty students in each class, leaving little ability for teachers to spend time on the students who need extra help. Human and Hope Association now hold Khmer language classes in the morning and afternoon, and all students are able to progress at public school due to these classes.

This gift will provide language classes to a Cambodian child for just $10, enabling them to access 20 hours of education, clean drinking water, and a safe learning environment.

The gift of empowerment ($50) – The community support program at Human and Hope Association is run by their Education and Community Manager and our Community and Education Assistant. As part of their outreach, these staff members are responsible for running child protection workshops for community members and adults in HHA’s projects, so they can help the community identify and stop child abuse.

They also aim to promote the benefits of education to the community and encourage parents to enroll their children in Public School. Our Poor Level One, Two and Three beneficiaries are visited every two months, so staff can track their progress and the outcomes of our projects, offer advice and determine ways we can improve on the assistance we offer the community. Constant feedback is sought from the community members so their projects are effective.

If they encounter any problems with their students, HHA’s community team visit the child’s family and try to reach a solution with them. They contact the necessary authorities if a situation is deemed to be out of their depth.

This program has built a good reputation for Human and Hope Association and has made it much easier to recruit students for our various programs due to the positive words which are spread around the community.

This gift will provide a Cambodian family with outreach and support for a full year, helping them to address issues they face and equipping them with the confidence to break the cycle of poverty.

The gift of nutrition ($100) – The family farm program at Human and Hope Association encourages families to improve their standard of living. They are provided with training, knowledge, and resources for farming so they are able to grow chemical-free food for their own use and to sell. The training is conducted once a year, every Sunday for four months, and each lesson includes theory and practice. After training, the staff at Human and Hope Association continue following up with the students for six months to ensure they apply what they have learned in the program and also to assist them.

This program was initiated after several months of research, a trial involving two families, and feedback/evaluation. The family farm program primarily involves the parents of HHA’s students in their opportunity scholarship program, as they have been identified as having the biggest need for this program. The general community is then recruited in an effort to ensure the majority of our community members have access to fresh, chemical-free vegetables.

The lessons include compost making, growing 15 types of vegetables, financial management, child protection and other life skills topics.

This gift will provide a Cambodian family with farming training for just $100, giving them access to 32 hours of training, farming resources and six months of follow up support.