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Sustainable Fashion: Why it is Necessary?



What is sustainable fashion one might ask? Sustainable fashion or eco fashion aims at an individual’s social responsibility as a consumer. The primary goal of this philosophy is to basically initiate a phenomenon that focuses on sustainability; one that can be supported forever in terms of human influence on this planet’s environment.

Fashion trends change with the blink of an eye. There is always something or the other that is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe. Fast fashion instigates sales whereas sustainable fashion focuses on good quality manufacturing that will last for a lot longer than your average piece of clothing. Following are some reasons why sustainable fashion is necessary.

Environmental Impact

As consumers, fashion plays an integral part in contributing towards general environmental impact in terms of resource dependence. This impact ranges from widespread pesticide use during the growth process to the extensive use of toxic chemicals and dyes during the refining and development of the amount of energy consumed for the final processing of each and every piece along with the subsequent manual labour input. Opting for sustainable raw material potentially requires a significantly reduced amount of chemicals for its manufacture. The clothing industry alone is accountable for approximately 10% of the total carbon output for the whole world. Not only that but sustainable fabric complies with the Fair Trade Act. The sustainable fabric is manufactured under safe working conditions where the labourers earn a fair wage.

Intelligent Consumerism

Fast fashion leads to increase in demands as new and innovative designs are introduced in the market along with on the rise trends that take the world by storm almost overnight. Fair trade and transparency are gaining momentum in different industries. In the fashion world, there have been instances with increased demands in sustainable fashion yet there still has to be groundbreaking progress in the right direction. Sustainable fashion promotes intelligent consumerism because these products are durable, trendy, and timeless. People are gravitating towards making smart investments in classic silhouettes and cuts that will stay on trend for years to come potentially saving them a huge sum of money.

Shift in Trends

To initiate global change, the toxic cycle of careless consumption must be brought to a halt. With the rise in population and decrease in natural capital, many trials lie ahead for the fashion industry. Resource shortage is highly anticipated owing to the shift in the global climate along with an ever increasing population. The potential outcome of such drastic changes cannot be accurately predicted. The fashion industry will have no other option but to eventually adapt to this change as resources become limited. This change will consequently trigger a shift in trends that will in turn actively benefit society.

Sustainable fashion is durable and reliable. For those who remotely care about the dangers that come hand in hand with human environmental impact, this shift in priority is a step in the right direction. Opt for organic fabric as opposed to the synthetic garbage that dominates the retail market and helps make a change for good.

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