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Five Things to Pack for a Trip to Cambodia

So you are heading to Cambodia! We are sure you will love the country, which is full of lush green landscape, ancient temples and friendly people. If you haven’t started packing yet, we have a list of items that definitely need to make their way into your backpack before you head to the airport.

Passport + visa

Sure, this might seem pretty obvious, but we know some people who have arrived at their departing airport only to realise they forgot their passport! If you are arriving by plane, you may want to purchase an e-visa before you depart, as it can save you time in the airport. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a dedicated e-Visa page for the Kingdom of Cambodia, with the 30 day tourist visa setting you back $37.

Mosquito repellant 

Each year, thousands of people in Cambodia contract malaria or dengue fever. By simply applying mosquito repellent every few hours, you will be able to skip these tropical diseases and ensure you remain healthy long after you depart the country.

Hat + sunscreen

We are sure you are already aware that Cambodia is HOT! We have seen many tourists walking down Pub Street in Siem Reap with beet-red skin, and don’t want you to suffer the same fate. Wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen to avoid some nasty sunburn. You will thank us later!

Modest clothing

Cambodia is a modest country, with most of the population wearing long sleeves and long pants, no matter what time of the year it is. It is always best to err on the side of caution with your dress code, especially when you visit the temples. In fact, the Angkor Code of Conduct strongly encourages visitors to cover their knees and shoulders.

Sanitary Wipes

Chances are you will come across some unhygienic toilets during your time in Cambodia. Keep a packet of sanitary wipes in your backpack, and you won’t be left in the awkward position of calling out to your friends for their help.

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