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How Adopting an Elephant Improves the Lives of Cambodian Kids

It is pretty astounding to think that by adopting an elephant, you can change a life. But that is exactly what you can do when you shop at Hope Handicrafts. 

Between 1975 and 1979, an estimated two million people (a quarter of the population at the time) were killed in Cambodia through starvation, torture, execution, disease and overwork under the ruling of the Khmer Rouge. Intellectuals were targeted, and as a result, Cambodia lost most of their educated population.

It has taken a long time to rebuild Cambodia, and although the education system has developed in leaps and bounds, there is still a strong lack of education and skills in the community where Human and Hope Association is located, that has lead to a life of poverty for their villagers.


With poverty comes other social issues, such as lack of hygiene which results in increased illnesses, domestic violence, and child labour. The team at Human and Hope Association works directly with children and their families so that with their support they can understand the value of education and help to address these social issues. They want them to break the cycle of poverty so that the next generation don’t have to deal with the hardships that this generation does.

To support Human and Hope Association with their incredible efforts to help Cambodians break the cycle of poverty, we have a family of 10 elephants waiting to be adopted!

Each elephant provides access to vital services at Human and Hope Association. They each come with their own name tag, and make the perfect gift for children!


Amao Jr – Provides a month of clean drinking water for the students at HHA, keeping them healthy

Bopha Jr – Provides students with access to a library for a day so they can increase their knowledge

Sangha Jr – Provides an art lesson to a class of students, promoting creativity which is often stifled at public school

Somlei Jr – Provides a child protection workshop to empower our students to stand up to abuse

Srey Jr – Provides four living values lessons to address social issues and improve the behaviour of our students

Amao – Provides a month of language education to an illiterate child, enabling them to read and write in their native language

Bopha – Provides a month of English classes to a child so they can increase their future job and study opportunities

Sangha – Provides a month of preschool education to a five-year-old, putting them on the right track to an educated life

Somlei – Provides a hygiene workshop, preventing illness and disease

Srey – Provides a child with a scholarship and study resources, ensuring poverty does not stop them from being educated

These elephants are made by graduates of the Human and Hope Association sewing program, who receive a fair wage for making them. This means you are not only helping children with your purchase, you are empowering Cambodian women, too!

To adopt your own elephant, click here.